Company history

Specialists since 1965

Carbure du Chéran is a family business founded in 1965 and whose business is powder metallurgy. The company was founded by Etienne Delorme, a dynamic chemical engineer who mastered the entire powder manufacturing chain from APT. He developed the mixtures (nuances) from which he made the preforms for a wide industrial demand: metal cutting – glass – wood – concrete, and also deformation, compression…

Etienne Delorme, a graduate of the Ecole de Chimie de Mulhouse, began manufacturing tungsten carbides in 1942. After a stint with Rhône-Poulenc Lyon, he joined the company Nouvelle Hardia in Annecy, a company absorbed in 1952 by the Société française des carbures métalliques TUNGSTO in Lyon.

TUNGSTO was founded in 1936 by danish Egener Schott, who had learned the technology from WIDIA KRUP. It was one of the first companies to develop tungsten carbide in France.

Develop a range of dedicated tools

At first, the goal of E. Delorme was to sinter tungsten carbide to develop a range of brazed inserts, hence the exact name: Société Outillage Carbure du Chéran.

Due to the growing demand for tungsten carbide wear parts, he directed his entire activity towards the manufacturing of preforms. An accomplished chemical researcher, E. Delorme developed the manufacturing of carbide parts without a metal binder. The parts obtained by this technique served to support sintering at high temperature (2,000 degrees). They were remarkable not only for their mechanical firmness at such a temperature, but also for their chemical stability.

The markets associated with this application allowed the family business to equip itself with more modern equipment and to follow the latest developments in carbide technology.

A family success

When Etienne died, it was Marcel, Etienne’s son, who took over the company. In 2005 following Marcel’s death, Dominique Durand (Marcel’s sister) ran the company.

Carbure du Chéran today produces preforms and parts from tungsten carbide powders. The preforms will then be used as is or machined by toolmakers for cutting tools and wearing parts for many industries (Automotive, Aerospace, Watchmaking, Medical, Wire drawing, Oil and Gas, Defence).

The adventure continues

The slogan “master metalsmith” reflects the demand of custom work, the tailoring of complex and original pieces and the production with care and finesse. In July 2019, Dominique, approaching retirement, decided to sell his business to the family business Technogénia to carry on the adventure. Hervé Maybon is now the president of the company Carbure du Chéran. Technogénia and Carbure du Chéran complement each other perfectly. With the acquisition of Carbure du Chéran, Technogénia is strengthening its expertise in the manufacture of single block sintered carbide parts and expanding its service offering. This strategic operation is primarily a response to the demand of some of its customers in the O&G (Oil and Gas), preferring to use tools with tungsten carbide inserts.

Technogénia, created in 1979 by Guy Maybon, specializes in anti-wear coatings based on tungsten carbide. Thanks to innovation, quality and service, the family business has gained international fame.

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