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Proven know-how

Carbure du Chéran designs and manufactures custom-made parts, from plans, from single unit to large productions, quickly, quality preforms whose ratings are closest to those of the finished part in order to minimize the loss of material and the costs of grinding. The company uses a ready-to-press (RTP) mixture of tungsten carbide powder, which it will compress by presses and then shape through machining methods and finally sinter the preforms obtained in a 1,400-degree thermal treatment furnace giving the parts optimum density. A post-thermal treatment grinding phase (finishing operation) can also be carried out depending on the need.

A state-of-the-art machine shop

In 1991, the company developed an innovative technique for cutting raw carbide by water jet. In order to guarantee the metallurgical quality of its products, the company has equipped itself with HIP sintering oven. Carbure du Chéran is today one of the last family-owned companies in France to have such know-how in the metallurgy of tungsten carbide powders. The company also has an efficient fleet of state-of-the-art machines: robotic multi-platform presses, CN machines, 5-axis machining centre, CFAO, DAO and GPAO software.

Additional information

The company makes tungsten carbide parts for cutting and anti-wear. The domains served by the company are also strategic such as defence and energy (Nuclear and Oil).

85% of the company’s revenue is in France.

The company is ISO 9001 v2015 certified.

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