Powders Metallurgy : combining precision and resistance

A wide range of grade of carbide powder

Carbide Grades Table: Download

Schematic diagram

1. Compression of powders

From a ready to press (RTP) mixture, the company will compress the mixture by presses.

a. Isostatic Press

This is a uniform compression made with pressurized water.

b. Uniaxial Presses

The powder is compressed by hydraulic jacks.

Presse Osterwalder
Automatic press

After compression the resulting shape (the raw) can be shaped.

2. Shaping

a. Machining

Lathes – Digital Machining Centre

Centre d'usinage Mazak
Machine centre

b. Water jet cutting

Cutting with a water jet
Sintering oven

3 . HIP sintering

  • 40 bars of gas pressure
  • Final operation that allows maximum part densification through gas injection (Argon)

4. The finish

Grinding, polishing…

Rectifieuse centerless
Centreless grinding machine

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